Welcome to the Anews podcast

We intend for this podcast to be useful to anarchists and the anarcho-curious. We hope that curious listeners share your ideas and constructive feedback and criticism at our email address. If you want to get more involved you can find this at podcast.anarchistnews.org and most of the citations are at the non-sectarian anarchist news site anarchistnews.org.

Twitter: @anewspodcast

6 thoughts on “Welcome to the Anews podcast”

  1. I listen to anews sometimes while at work. It is a nice summary of the news with mild attitude. The dialogues are the most interesting. The questions raised, the soul-barring, the occasional awkwardness make for captivating listening. Do we engage in this world actively or only on our terms is an ongoing theme.
    Coming from the corporate world, the word project has a different meaning. It is an effort with a set time , resources m and scope and is not ongoing. There is also the idea of portfolio project management .
    I also enjoy the topic of the week. One that would be good to hear would be Is being an introvert/extrovert impacting my direct actions/projects?

    1. thanks for the comment and feedback. maybe you could write up the topic of the week you’d like and submit it? (either here or at anarchistnews.org) guest totw writers (and sometimes editorials) are a nice break for everyone, i think.

  2. i’d like to thank you for making these podcasts! they’re very helpful and a great outlet for these kinds of things ^^

    1. that’s nice to hear.
      when you say “these kinds of things”, what do you mean more specifically? it’s helpful to know what people are getting out of it! (but simple messages of appreciation are great too 🙂 )

  3. Love the anews podcast! I am starting from the beginning, and working my way through them all. Thanks for the excellent content. Just FYI I’m on episode 72 and it doesn’t seem to load correctly. 71 does, and so does 73. Anyway thanks again for all you do!

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