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We intend for this podcast to be useful to anarchists and the anarcho-curious. We hope that curious listeners share your ideas and constructive feedback and criticism at our email address. If you want to get more involved you can find this at podcast.anarchistnews.org and most of the citations are at the non-sectarian anarchist news site anarchistnews.org.

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ANews Podcast 359 – 4.12.24

What’s New
w/ chisel & fistula (burpee)
Event Calendar Check-In!
script by Meetspace

TOTW: Anarchy-Life Balance?

Music & Samples:
VAGUE003 – Tonight [Get it? Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart? Because of the total eclipse past Monday? Too literal?]
Radio 1 Live Lounge – Common People – My Chemical Romance [1.02x. It’s a Blur cover, fuck attribution, right?]
The Bangles – Eternal Flame [differential tempering]

ANews Podcast 356 – 3.15.24

What’s New
w/ chisel & monolithic gloop!

TOTW: to destroy those who destroy the earth
w/ Lurker, Slim, Saul, and Chichi!

Music & Samples:
Chumbawamba – Give the Anarchist a Cigarette [b u r n t]
My Chemical Romance – Demolition Lovers
Between the Buried and Me – Destructo Spin
Captain Planet – Intro Theme
Stryper – Soldiers Under Command