Anews Episode 73

Welcome to the Anews podcast. This is episode 73 for July 20, 2018. This podcast covers anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the  previous week.

Editorial: Anarchists vs Anarchists, Greek tourist version

TOTW: Anarchy and Escapism

This podcast is the effort of many people. This episode was
* sound edited by Linn O’Mable
* the editorial was written by ingrate, read by chisel
* what’s new this week written by jackie, narrated by chisel and a friend
* Thanks to Ariel and a friend for topic of the week discussion
* The music is 1) Errorsmith – Who-Is 2) Discordance Axis – Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said 3) The Presets – Get The Fuck Outta Here
* the topic of the week was written by shinminmetroskyline
* Contact us at

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2 thoughts on “Anews Episode 73”

  1. One. The demo was against alpha kapa which is not an anarchist group. And the place this happened at Nosotros is not a squat. And there wasnt violence. This podcast is extremely wrong information. Its humilating and so predictable of american tourist. And the person relayed this info on greece is a total moron.

    1. not the author of the editorial and i’m fully aware of how rude and inane some american tourists can be, but i’m pretty sure the author was extremely explicit multiple times about not knowing what was going on, and getting information off a leaflet. perhaps you should save your invective for the leaflet writers, and banner holders (who apparently wouldn’t even let someone read them)?
      in short, chill out jerk.
      the points the editorial makes are not contingent on getting those facts correct, if you can manage to look past the immediate errors, maybe you’ll learn something anyway?

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