ANews Podcast 275 – 8.12.22

Welcome to this week’s podcast. This podcast is on anarchist activity, ideas, and comments from the previous week on


What’s New (chisel’s thoughts about the week)
Written by chisel, read by chisel and sock puppet grumples.

A reading from
intro to Other Worlds by Peter Gelderloos; read and sound edited by Max Res

TOTW: Death of the Family — w/ Max Res & Octox

Sound editing by octox

Music & Samples:
Dom Toretto Family Meme from TikTok (which samples Don Omar – Bandolero)

Sugako – Nublado (18 enero 1911)

Antigone isn’t wasting her life on men! Jodie Whittaker is Antigone at the National Theatre

Faun Fables – Eyes of a Bird

Clannad Playstation 3 Commercial

Jodie Whittaker in Antigone 2.0. (More powerful performance)

Theme song from “Casos de Familia” (2004)

James Dashow – Theme from “Oedipus Orca” (1977), also used in “Heaven Knows What” (2014)

Ending scene from “Furious 7” (2015) [Deep Fried]

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