ANews Podcast 257 – 4.8.22

Welcome to this week’s podcast. This podcast is on anarchist activity, ideas, and comments from the previous week on


What’s New, with chisel & chuckles, written by chisel

A reading from TheAnarchistLibrary, read and sound edited by Max Res:
“Survival vs Life” an excerpt from the essay “Strangers in an Alien World” by Wolfi Landstreicher & “Mutual Survival” from CrimethInc.’s “What would an anarchist program look like”

TOTW: Survival, with octox and Max Res

Sound editing by octox

Music & Samples:
1. I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor
2. Miss Keisha (meme excerpt)
3. Autumn Gold by Jussi Halme
4. Walkin by Denzel Curry

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